Bouldering in Rocky Mountain National Park

Millions of years in the making, Rocky Mountain National Park is the perfect playground for mountaineers who enjoy bouldering and other low environmental-impact climbing expeditions. While the Colorado scenery in this world-famous national treasure is jaw-dropping, bouldering here provides hands-on action and thrills for climbers of all levels.

Sightseeing and sports, all in one beautiful Rocky Mountain location, were never so much fun to mix and match.

Pack Your Bags

Bouldering doesn’t require much equipment, hence its popularity. So pack up a pair of comfortable rock shoes that are good for bouldering and a crash pad if needed. Some climbers use chalk to help with their grip, but others avoid it because of the chalk stains and buildup on rocks and cracks. Make sure to check the weather forecast and dress appropriately. Weather patterns in Colorado, especially in the Rocky Mountains, can change abruptly.

Support the Parks

Entrance fees for Rocky Mountain National Park vary, depending on whether you take a car or opt to walk or bike or drive a motorcycle or moped. Individual daily passes are available. Or support the nation’s wonderlands by purchasing a Rocky Mountain National Park annual pass or other National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands annual passes. There are no special permits needed when bouldering. Information on group rates, commercial fees, camping reservations and educational waivers are available at

Rock ‘n’ Roll

From beginner’s to advanced, bouldering spots dot the 350-mile Rocky Mountain National Park trail system. Hike in from various trail-heads to access granite or sandstone rock features that are perfect for bouldering. Park rangers can point you in the right direction for trail-heads. Head to the backcountry for bouldering in the serene peace and quiet only Rocky Mountain National Park can provide.

Love Your Mother

Rocky Mountain National Park asks its visitors to “leave no trace” when bouldering, climbing and moutaineering. Try not to change rock faces by moving around bolts. No drills allowed, and absolutely no littering in the park. Make sure to pack any trash or waste. Mother Earth will thank you.

Do It All

Bird-watching, fishing, camping and wildlife-viewing can make the bouldering experience in this beautiful park unforgettable.