Budget New Mexico Family Ski Vacations

Though New Mexico tends to bring to mind images of hot, desert country, the state has a number of excellent ski resorts. These include Angel Fire resort, Enchanted Forest, Red River, Sandia Peak Ski & Tramway, Sipapu Ski Resort, Ski Apache, Ski Pajarito Mountain, Ski Santa Fe, Snow Canyon and Taos Ski Valley. These resorts are located in the central, north-central and southeast areas of the state and offer great downhill skiing and snowboarding trails, often at affordable rates.

Ski Vacations Where to Start Planning

The key to finding a good vacation is to start searching ahead of time. The New Mexico ski resorts have a website (SkiNewMexico.com) that includes a deals page for the resorts. You can also use a general travel search page such as Travels.com to search for bargains. Most of the resorts also have their own websites where you can find deals.

Ski Vacations

Cutting Some Corners

If you are seeking a budget vacation, you want to focus on the main reason for the vacation (the skiing) over some of the other factors. If you don’t need a fancy room, you can save money. Don’t stay at the resort. Instead, stay at a hotel near the resort. Airfare will also be a big part of your vacation, so watch for deals to get to your destination.

Ski Vacations

When to Ski For the Best Prices

The easiest way to save money on your skiing vacation is to schedule for the times when fewer people are at the resort. This means you can find better deals in the middle of the week compared with weekends and during January and December, which are typically the coldest months of the year.