Can You Still Have A Successful Website Without Ranking High In Google? Or 4 Free Ways of Making it Online Without SEO

Every webmaster and blogger today seems to be obsessed with SEO and ranking high in the search engines. While it is true that search engines are one of the best ways of getting traffic to your website, the truth is that most website created today don’t stand a chance of ranking high for popular keywords. Most popular keywords are saturated with results from websites and bloggers who have the advantage of time and quantity of content over new websites and blogs. So it is pointless to obsess over SEO and link building too much. Here is what you can do:

1. Spend most of your time actually working on your website or blog. Keep writing good content. The more pages and posts you have the better your chance is of being found. One huge mistake you can make is obsessing over SEO and neglecting your website. When someone comes up on your website it needs to be built well enough for the person to stay and want to come back.

2. Submit to websites like Stumbleupon, Reddit, and Digg. There are always readers on this site digging for interesting content to entertain and inform them. If you are confident in what you have written this should be a good way of getting traffic. *Note: Don’t spam!

3. Use Social Network sites. The most valuable part of social networking is groups. Join a group and connect with people that you have the thing in common. Form relationships and ask them to review and evaluate your site. People will be happy to do so if you return the favor. If they like your website they might bookmark it for the future.

4. Use Youtube. It is one of the most popular sites out there. Millions of people go on it every day. What you need to realize is that it is one of the best places to form relationships with people. It’s also a great tool for advertising your website. Bottom line: find something that you’re good at, and I mean anything, and make a video of it. Youtube is the second most searched site after Google. The good news is, is that you have A MUCH greater chance of being found on Youtube.

All through these ways take a lot more work at driving traffic, you have a much greater chance of being successful with these methods and with time you will begin to notice that the search engines are catching up to you.