Did Mad Men Measure ROI? What Don Draper’s Been Missing for Brand Marketers

When the Don Drapers of the world launched a client campaign, there was only one performance indicator – sales figures. If sales went up, the campaign was a success. So now that we are able to measure each aspect of a campaign,why do some folks still look at the components in a silo?

Back in the good old days of advertising, when the Don Drapers of the world launched a campaign for a client, there was only one performance indicator – sales figures. If sales went up, the campaign was considered a success, even though no one really had any idea what truly caused the lift. Then, along came online advertising, which brought with it a whole new, more granular, way of looking at campaign performance.

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When you run an online campaign you have the ability to track your campaign from day one, in almost real-time. This accessibility and abundance of data is both a blessing and a curse. While it gives us the power to finely tune campaigns to maximize ROI and minimize spend, the online portion of the buy becomes highly scrutinized, while the inherent value of “traditional” tactics such as billboards often go unquestioned.

The danger of simply looking at web analytics in a silo is that you truly miss the bigger picture. Yes, the Google search campaign was likely responsible for the most conversions, but that doesn’t even begin to answer the question of why people were even searching to begin with. Did they see an offline ad? Read an email? See an article in a publication or maybe a banner ad? The marketing analytics give you the opportunity to look at the campaign as a whole, and get a better understanding of how all the pieces work together to eventually culminate in a conversion.

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At Star, measurement is a critical component of our approach to client challenges. Be it awareness, perception, lead generation or sales, we are rigorous in determining the impact of our efforts on the consumer’s mind (awareness and perception) as well as their actions (leads and sales).

This article written by a member of the Hubspot team further explains the benefits of examining marketing analytics, and how they could help you learn more about your customer base and their conversion process. While the author makes some very good points about the questions you need to ask in order to fully examine the effectiveness of a campaign, it seems as though offline advertising is still not taken into account. To truly gauge the campaign as a whole, you have to examine all of the parts, (online and offline) and determine how they best work together.

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Even outside of the web, Star’s approach in all media channels strives to be ROI-based against marketing/media spend, especially when prospect and customer acquisition is the goal. We understand that “moving the needle” – in all its forms – is critical, and that’s why we employ a variety of measurement tools in order to gauge the achievements of our efforts.

We all love Mad Men, but today we need to measure beyond the Don Draper effect. Do you have a measurement system in place that is delivering the right feedback and analysis?