Florida – One of the Eccentric States

FLORIDAFlorida is one of the most beautiful, eccentric and badmouthed states there are. The sunny beaches and the everlasting warm wheather attract a lot of tourists around this area, all curious about the wonders of Miami. The state is one of the biggest orange-exporters: most of the orange juice around the country is produced in Florida. It’s also home to various examples of wildlife, including the reputed alligators.

For foreigners though, Florida has a different meaning. Many TV shows and movies portray it as a retirement state. Given the high temperatures during the whole year and the peaceful atmosphere, the state is perfect for a honeymoon or for your retirement plan. That doesn’t stop people from mocking the state, especially during the elections. While most of the states are predominantly Republican or Liberal, this region is the country’s wildcard. Since higher education is not one of the best in the country, jokes often are directed against the state’s gullible population. In these conditions, Flo Rida seems the only one actually proud of his state. But let’s not give in to the negativity. The locals are also portrayed as fun, unpredictable and kindhearted.

FLORIDAYou won’t get bored of the nightlife in Miami or of its generous shopping centers. If you want to know Florida on a deeper level, visit Tampa Bay Hotel, which was used during the Spanish-American war. Its technical facilities were groundbreaking upon their installment, especially the elevator. Florida was famous before for its cigars, and the Statue of Don Vincente Martinez Ibor is a casual reminder of its tradition. Theme parks or amusement centers, such as Disneyland, bring many Americans in Orlando. The Freedom Tower, many museums or the Ancient Spanish Monastery can be found in Miami. Florida’s natural sites will require some courage to visit. For supernatural phenomena amateurs, there’s a hill called Spook Hill, where it’s very difficult to find your way back.