Can A Parking Authority Blog Drive Home The Right Message?

One of the golden rules of social media marketing is adapting to the tone and conversation style of your intended audience. It’s important to promote a two-way conversation rather than a one-way message delivery system, interacting with the intended community. But should this apply to official city government entities as well?

Philadelphia Magazine recently ran some excerpts from the Philadelphia Parking Authority’s (PPA) recently launched blog under the headline “We Are Not Making This Up.” The excerpts include lines like “A lot of people find parking signs confusing, confounding [and] contemptible…As a driver…it is your responsibility to understand what they actually mean.” And “Yes, our PEOs [parking enforcement officers] make mistakes, but what human doesn’t?”

Parking Authority

After reading these gems I decided to check out the blog fully expecting to find a muffed attempt at social media. It looked as if this would be a prime example of how NOT to run a blog. Too often, organizations attempt to use a blog to convey what they want their audience to know instead of what the audience wants to know. To my pleasant surprise the blog is actually better than I expected.

It features informational posts on subjects like “Why Can’t I Park in Front of My Own Drive-away,” and “The Auction Process” on what PPA does with confiscated cars. But more than a few posts can seem to carry a defensive and/or accusatory tone. The staff appreciation posts that feature letters in praise of PPA employees are unlikely to sway public sentiment, though they may boost the morale of a much-maligned population.

Parking Authority

The moral of the story is that social media is most effective when it includes your brand’s audience in conversations that they care about (while still focusing on your chosen messages), in their tone of voice. While it’s doubtful that any PPA blog readers would connect with something like “When Are Those Very Efficient Parking Enforcement Officers Working?” They might be more inclined to read, “Will I Really Get a Ticket After 9 pm?”

Do you think that the PPA blog is hitting the right notes? Should they keep a separated tone because of the government affiliation?

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FLORIDAFlorida is one of the most beautiful, eccentric and badmouthed states there are. The sunny beaches and the everlasting warm wheather attract a lot of tourists around this area, all curious about the wonders of Miami. The state is one of the biggest orange-exporters: most of the orange juice around the country is produced in Florida. It’s also home to various examples of wildlife, including the reputed alligators.

For foreigners though, Florida has a different meaning. Many TV shows and movies portray it as a retirement state. Given the high temperatures during the whole year and the peaceful atmosphere, the state is perfect for a honeymoon or for your retirement plan. That doesn’t stop people from mocking the state, especially during the elections. While most of the states are predominantly Republican or Liberal, this region is the country’s wildcard. Since higher education is not one of the best in the country, jokes often are directed against the state’s gullible population. In these conditions, Flo Rida seems the only one actually proud of his state. But let’s not give in to the negativity. The locals are also portrayed as fun, unpredictable and kindhearted.

FLORIDAYou won’t get bored of the nightlife in Miami or of its generous shopping centers. If you want to know Florida on a deeper level, visit Tampa Bay Hotel, which was used during the Spanish-American war. Its technical facilities were groundbreaking upon their installment, especially the elevator. Florida was famous before for its cigars, and the Statue of Don Vincente Martinez Ibor is a casual reminder of its tradition. Theme parks or amusement centers, such as Disneyland, bring many Americans in Orlando. The Freedom Tower, many museums or the Ancient Spanish Monastery can be found in Miami. Florida’s natural sites will require some courage to visit. For supernatural phenomena amateurs, there’s a hill called Spook Hill, where it’s very difficult to find your way back.

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Virginia is home to more US presidents than any other state. It was the first one to adopt a Constitution and its state capital was before the capital of the Confederacy. Virginia apologized first on its behalf for the genocide of Native Americans and its support for the institution of slavery. Its tumultuous history makes it worth a visit, at least to see what the Pentagon really looks like. While Washington D.C. is not officially part of any state, it`s still incredibly close to Virginia.


Not only have its political affiliations made Virginia a touristic destination, but also its beautiful and unaltered scenery. A part of the Appalachian Mountains, the Blue Ridge Mountains, hold high peaks and evergreen amazing forests. The Chesapeake Bay hosts unique flora and fauna. The resorts in Virginia Beach cater to those willing to relax on a summer vacation. Besides, you can tour the birthplaces of the presidents. Chancellorsville, Belle Groove, Colonial Williams-burg and the Masonic Memorial will improve your history knowledge. The Tomb of the Unknown commemorates the victims of World War I, while the Black Soldiers Memorial is the only monument in the South paying homage to the African-Americans who died in the Civil War. The FBI Headquarters and Academy are located (partially) in Virginia.


Stereotypes about Virginia can be incredibly random. One says they have no teeth and wear no shoes, which is too absurd to even ask for an explanation. Some others apply to the South and say they’re uneducated rednecks. Given they have proper educational institutions, such as Virginia Tech, it gets hard to believe it. However, the prejudice they smoke a tad more than the rest might be true. Virginians meant to make cotton plantations out of their land. The plan was disastrous, so they grew tobacco to cover up the losses. It turned out better than expected, so even right now, Virginia is an important tobacco distributor.

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Check Out The Best Muscle Supplement Now

You will find several products that can be found in industry as it pertains to muscle building but when you will want product that’s user friendly, efficient, safe and highly effective then there’s nothing much better than crazy bulk. This can be a popular muscle building supplement you will find available in the market and one of the finest reasons for having this supplement is you will manage to lose excess weight too. A very important thing about crazy bulk is it is made using 100 % natural ingredients and it includes no chemicals or fillers which may be damaging to the body.

The past thing you need would be to suffer with multiple negative effects due to the muscle building supplement. Crazy bulk on one other hand can be utilized for so long as you’d like and never having to concern yourself with anything. This supplement starts showing its effects from the initial month itself and if you should be not as sure that will be the best crazy bulk supplements to get then buy the most effective one online by reading crazy bulk review.

Crazy bulk is named the most effective fat burner available in the market and for valid reason too. There are certainly a number of individuals which are not sure about the results of crazy bulk on the body. However you can find several testimonies that prove that crazy bulk works.

Crazy bulk has helped a number of individuals shed weight in simply no time. With the aid of crazy bulk, you will have a way to burn all of the unwanted fat from all of the corners of the body. Whenever you try other procedures of fat burning, the nice fat from your body can be burnt. This is the reason crazy bulk is reported to be more effective. Although you might be slimming down, you’ll continue to get strength and the body reacts in an optimistic manner.

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Different Fortnite Cheats To Magnify Gaming Excitement

Fortnite is an exciting game, and is certainly one of the best nowadays. However, you are probably wondering if you can have cheats for it. Of course, you want to maximize your gaming excitement with Fortnite to the fullest. Fortunately, there are several Fortnite cheats that could help you.

What are the Fortnite Cheats You Can Use

Fortnite have several kind of cheats available for you to use and gain gaming advantage. Some of the most popular cheats are:

  1. Aimbot

The Aimbot can help you have 100% accuracy on any targets, despite of it moving too much in any direction. Once you target a player, for example, the aimbot can surely help you hit him with your shots regardless of him jumping or running around too much! And that is the secrets of some Fortnite players that could hit you easily, even if you are moving around to avoid the shots.

  1. ESP

Probably you wonder why other players could hit you with their shots, or find you while you’re hiding in a very secured place. Partially, it’s the aimbot that do the aiming, but it’s the ESP that helps players know the exact location of others. Simply put it, you can use the ESP to reveal location of other players, then use the aimbot to target them with full accuracy.

  1. V-Bucks Generator

The V-Bucks is the in-game currency of Fortnite, and is very handy in many instances. However, you need to use real cash to purchase some. Of course, you would not want that. Fortunately, V-Bucks generator can help you generate all the V-Bucks you need!

These are just few of the best Fortnite cheats you can use to gain full gaming excitement. You can have some other cheats like the rapid-fire, and some that could help you in various situations.

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